Rules of Engagement

One thing I introduced into my sales process when times got tough was a system called “The Rules of Engagement Meeting”. This is a post-listing meeting once you’ve secured the listing and educated the sellers.

When it is a tough market, sellers need to be kept up to date with exactly what’s happening on an almost daily basis. You need to be able to supply them with facts on what the market is doing and what they can expect to happen with their property.

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I used the Rules of Engagement meeting to go through my Rules of Engagement Checklist. This checklist contains a raft of questions designed to keep the seller accountable and help get them the highest price possible for their property.

Questions include:

  • The 14-day change-out policy

A simple system to get the sellers to do something different every fourteen days to freshen up their property. This could range from changing the price, updating the ads, including more advertising, or presenting their home in a different way. 

  • Permission to forward feedback to the seller

It is essential to give all feedback you receive to the seller, even when it might be hard to hear. If the majority of feedback is negative, the seller needs to understand that this is what the market is saying, not you personally.

Running a Rules of Engagement meeting is a perfect opportunity to set the record straight and set up the rules so you can keep the seller accountable for getting the property sold in the shortest possible time, for the highest possible price.

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