Keeping Sellers Accountable

Rules of Engagement

One thing I introduced into my sales process for when times got really tough, was a system called “The Rules of Engagement Meeting”.

The rules of engagement meeting is a post-listing meeting for use after you’ve secured the listing, educated the sellers, and won the business.

It works by making an appointment directly afterwards to catch-up with them and set the record straight.

It’s important to remember that when it’s a tough market, the sellers need to be kept up to date with exactly what’s happening, on almost a daily basis. You need to be able to supply the seller with facts as to what is happening in the market.

I used the Rules of Engagement meeting to go through the ‘Rules of Engagement Checklist’. This checklist covers off all the likely probabilities to happen.

There’s a range of different things in the checklist. One is called the ‘fourteen day change out policy’, which is simply a system to keep the sellers accountable to do something different relating to the sale or their property every fourteen days. This could range from changing the price, to changing the ads, perhaps doing more advertising, or the third ‘P’, which of course stands for presentation, which essentially means doing something to change the way the property looks or feels.

We all know that old saying, “The height of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results”.

The checklist contains a raft of questions, including permission to forward feedback to the seller. A lot of feedback will come in very low, and the seller needs to take heed of that and realise that it’s not what you, the agent is saying, but it’s what the market is saying. Basically, it’s along the line of the old adage, “don’t shoot the messenger”.

Running a Rules of Engagement meeting is a very good opportunity to set the record straight and get the rules set up so that you can add to the sellers’ best interest and keep them accountable in getting the property sold in the shortest possible time frame, for the highest possible price.

Register and attend my upcoming FREE half-day Real Estate Brilliance webinar where I go through the Rules of Engagement Checklist. For attending on the day, you’ll be receiving a number of helpful videos and handouts that will take you from being a good real estate agent to a great one. Looking forward to seeing you.

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