March 2024 Real Estate Market Update

As April unfolds, we’re reminded of the fleeting time as the financial year draws to a close. Amidst life’s busyness, it’s vital to reflect on our achievements and set clear goals. I’m confident each of you is poised to tackle the challenges ahead with determination.

We also cover market tracking and stats, noting varying trends across Australia and New Zealand.

Let’s take a closer look at the current state of the real estate markets in Australia and New Zealand.  Watch the video below and explore the key trends shaping the property landscape.

Australia & New Zealand Real Estate Overview

Turning to the real estate market, both Australia and New Zealand have experienced a dynamic year of highs and lows. In Australia, resilience has defined the market despite rising interest rates and living costs. Cities like Perth, Sydney, and Brisbane have seen notable property value surges, with Perth’s 19.8% increase standing out. Similarly, Brisbane and Adelaide have shown significant quarterly growth.

Across the Tasman, New Zealand’s real estate landscape presents a nuanced picture. While cities like Wellington and Auckland witness steady growth, affordability remains a concern. The market faces challenges in deposit-raising and loan servicing, impacting the pace of growth compared to Australia.

My advice is to take action and begin engaging with your sellers, providing them with market insights and education. Ensure that your pre-listing system is current and ready, as there will be increased demands and tasks ahead.

Here’s to your success!



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