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Closing to WIN More Listings!

Discover 10 Powerful Strategies for Closing and Winning More Listings!

Are you consistently walking away from the table without the listing? Without a robust Pre-Listing System, Presentation Strategy and some closing techniques, the reality is you probably will not WIN the business.

Join us for my latest complimentary 45-minute webinar on April 17, and gain the keys to securing and winning listings, navigating the fee convo, and beating out the competition and stealing the listing. Say goodbye to that gut-wrenching feeling of being beaten in your core area and say hello to higher comms, confident discussions and collaborations, and a more stable real estate career.

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This webinar is your key to WINNING more LISTINGS, Earning more $$$$, & better Peace of Mind. Join us on Wednesday, April 17 and discover:

How to Control Listing Presentations

Learn how to follow a proven strategy to gain the ability to lead the seller where you want the conversation to go

Master the Art of the Close

Discover powerful techniques for confidently becoming the agent of choice and getting a “YES” on your terms

Strategies for Achieving a Great Fee

Use your fees as a way to demonstrate your negotiation skills, secure top commissions, and avoid awkward conversations

Using dialogue leave your Competition in your Dust!

Learn the 8 main objections to be able to overcome every situation and WIN the listing there and then

How to Build Fast Rapport

Quickly establish trust and connection during listing presentations, creating a positive atmosphere where sellers feel comfortable choosing you

Simple Strategies to Showcase Your Market Expertise

Confidently showcase your understanding of the local market and demonstrate how your knowledge translates into you being the trusted advisor a successful

Neuro-Linguistic Mastery

Learn some terminology to weave compelling narratives that connect emotionally with sellers and paint a picture of a seamless and successful selling experience

Plus, get ALL the tools you need to WIN more listings!

Flowcharts – Simple to follow strategies
Winning Dialogues – Guide prospects towards listing with you
Strategies to get YES – Turn leads into successful listings

Don't miss out on this opportunity to discover how to WIN more listings and earn more $$$$

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