Always be looking for NO!

As salespeople, we are programmed to always be looking for YES. Yes, we want to list the property with you. Yes, we want to make an offer. Yes, we are happy to pay your fees. Yes, we are happy to pay the marketing account. But it’s never a perfect world.

However, the reality is that unless you have ticked every single box and covered off on every necessary question that the sellers may have, it only happens very rarely, so you need to be looking for NO.

The word ‘NO’ to most salespeople and real estate people in particular, absolutely scares the you-know-what out of them simply because they don’t know what to do.

If a seller says, “no, we don’t want to proceed, we’re not ready yet”, then at least you know what the objection is.

For example, a seller might say to you, “we’ve got a bit of work to do out the back before we sell”. This is an objection that you can work with.

“So subject to you doing the work out the back, are you happy to list with me?”

However, eliminating one objection usually brings with it other objections. Sometimes you’ll find that you have to overcome two or three objections before you get to the one really holding them back.

“Well, actually we have another agent coming in”.

This is the real objection and one that you can overcome with great scripts.

Quite a lot of agents who put their best foot forward or do a presentation and the seller comes back at them with a ‘NO‘, they make the mistake of running for the hills because they do not know how to dig further to find out why.

No is your best friend in any type of discussion or business relationship because it gives you the opportunity to ask ‘WHY?’ and find out exactly what the objection is.

We may feel as though there are dozens of objections out there, but in reality, there are approximately ten objections that can get thrown at you. It’s important to know how to overcome them in one way, shape, or form. The key is to learn what the objections are and how to overcome them. Then you need to dig a little and find the objection you already know how to overcome. Go looking for that magical word “NO”.

In my upcoming FREE 2-hour Real Estate Brilliance webinar, not only will I go through the 10 objections you may come across, I will give you a free script on how to overcome one of the most common objections you’re likely to receive and how to turn it into a listing opportunity.

Once you learn to overcome objections, you’ll find that you could increase your appraisal ratio to 90%. Click here to book your FREE 2-hour Real Estate Brilliance webinar today.

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