We have heard it over and over again – “it’s numbers” – do the activities and the rest will take care of itself. Sure, numbers are important, it’s a simple fact that if you have lots of leads coming in you are going to get some business, and if you do not have any leads coming through the door then you will get no business.

But how much of what comes through the door is business generated by the agency through long-term building of image, good reputation, trust and recognition and how much is brought in by the salespeople through prospecting and personal marketing? The reality is most businesses don’t know where their business comes from.

And this is a big problem!

In most offices the agents hold the cards, they are the work horses. They prospect and market themselves to gain lots of business, otherwise they don’t survive, and when they decide that they want to earn more and feel like YOU are no longer adding value to their businesses, they simply leave and take all that business with them.

Take the lead – literally

Real estate agencies need to bulletproof themselves from wandering salespeople by generating their own leads and training their own agents to convert that stock. Even though there is a cost to this, and depending on the goals and ambition of the business it could be a big investment, there is a way that any leads that get generated by the business can have a kickback into the marketing fund to allow for this to thrive and continue indefinitely.

There’s a system for that

Lead generation is not that difficult, you just need to implement a multi-layered prospecting and marketing strategy that will bring business into the office.

But, in most cases this does not guarantee you will increase your sales turnover immediately because, as we all know with sales, there is usually a delayed return on investment, so the leads you generate today may only convert in 3-6 months’ time. Lead generation is just the first step.

To keep and convert these leads, the office will need to have a nurturing and trust-building strategy to continue building trust with these prospective clients while they move along the sale cycle and beyond. Without this, those leads you worked hard to get will simply drift away.

If you are able to create a lead generation and trust-building nurturing system your business will be self-sufficient and sustainable and it will not matter who comes and goes, you will keep YOUR business.  You be able to attract a lot of agents by simply showing them the leads coming in and how much they would receive.

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