Is what you offer Value for Money?

I have been focusing on my health more recently and have been more selective with the food I am eating and the restaurants that I go to. While it is easy to go to the local tavern or bistro, I’ve found that the food is all the same: parmigiana with a pile of chips, steak with a pile of chips, burgers stacked high with a pile of chips, and of course, the crowd favourite pizza with all the toppings. All ranging from $20-$30 bucks. Although this doesn’t break the bank and fills the belly, there isn’t much in terms of premium nourishment if you are being more health conscious.

With my new focus, I’ve been doing a bit of research in trying to find a few “fine dining” restaurants. It was then I began to realise what I’d been missing out on. The menu offerings from these restaurants and the quality of cut or dish are far superior to the traditional spots, and although the meals were a little smaller, I wasn’t too concerned because the quality was far superior. The other thing that I noticed was the service and all-around experience was much better. When it came to price it was a little more expensive, which is to be expected, around 30% more. Now if we are talking about our bill in a more traditional bistro costing around $60 for two, that only equates to $78 for the better-quality food and an overall better experience. I don’t know about you, but for me, that is MUCH BETTER VALUE.

This got me thinking about real estate and VALUE FOR MONEY

There are some agents out there that follow the more traditional approach that is spawned by a lack of systems, strategies, and knowledge; therefore, they are not highly skilled and have very little to offer in the way of cutting-edge sales, service, and experience. You then get the agents that have been highly trained with a step-by-step system and have developed their skill to get sellers the highest and best price in the shortest amount of time while giving the very best level of service and a premium experience. When comparing the commissions between the two, you could say that the uneducated agent who cannot negotiate their fees would offer around 30% less to make it attractive compared to the highly skilled agent who is a great negotiator and able to get what he or she deserves. So even if the traditional agent sells the property and saves the seller $3-$4k on the commissions, it would have likely cost the sellers more than $10k in the sale price. Not only that, but the process would also have taken a lot longer and been much more frustrating and painful for the seller without receiving quality service, feedback, and communication.

So, knowing all of this, what VALUE FOR MONEY do you perceive your business to be, and can you differentiate yourself from other agents?

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