Identifying Your Ideal Client

If you could create the perfect client what would they look like?

Once you have identified your ideal client, it becomes a lot easier finding them. It also makes servicing them, getting the desired result, and creating ongoing repeat and referral business much, much easier.

Most real estate agents make the mistake of claiming that their ideal client is anybody thinking of buying or selling. Yes, this is your overall ideal client, but how exactly do we communicate with them? There are a lot of people who own real estate and just as many looking to buy, so you can’t target all of them.

In order to be focused, you need to narrow down the profile of who your ideal client is.

Before you identify who your ideal client is, you first need to identify the area you will be working in, your patch. When picking a patch, start with an area that resonates with you. An easy place to start is somewhere that you’ve previously lived, grew up in, went to school, or perhaps it’s the area that you’re now currently living in. Either way, it should be an area that you are very familiar with.

Examples of how to create an ideal client profile


Using age to identify your ideal client is a good one. You could break it down by targeting young first home buyers, middle-aged people, or seniors. It’s important to understand exactly what your ideal client in these age brackets is looking for in order to best find them and serve their needs.

Relationship Status

You could target married couples or families, even down to how many kids they have. Depending on your area, you might be looking for couples with 1 child, or large families looking for 4×2’s.

Or perhaps you’re looking for professional couples. You may be working in the inner-city and your ideal client is either a single professional or a professional couple who are not thinking of having kids just yet and might be in the market for an apartment.

Professional Status

You can break it down even further by targeting your ideal client’s income, their occupation, or their education level.

Once you know all of these things, not only can you target them through your Multi Layered Prospecting System and create an audience to create an attraction business, but you will know how best to deal with them.

Of course, dealing with seniors is very different to dealing with first home buyers, which is different to dealing with families with kids as opposed to dealing with singles or professional couples, so your pitch to each target audience is going be different. That means your pre-listing pack is going to differ from client to client. Your gifts, your blurb, your script, your tone, and even your dialect may change from client to client. If you are crystal clear on your ideal client, you can tailor your business, your marketing, your scrips and dialogues, your presentation, even your method of sale.

Once you have decided on who your ideal client is, you will be better suited to servicing their needs. You will know what challenges and pain points they face. You’ll also be able to understand what their main objections are and be better prepared in how to overcome them.

Another key to targeting your ideal client is knowing the best way to market to them. Do they spend time looking at websites and social media, or is print media the way to go?

Creating and having a good understanding of your ideal client is something that seems to have fallen by the wayside in real estate. Creating an ideal client is not difficult, but it will help you become a more specialised agent in the long run.

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