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Home open follow-ups with buyers is one of the most important parts of our job, however, it can also be quite confronting for buyers when agents are continually at their jugular trying to get information and hounding them after they’ve been through a home open.

Now I know this is not always the case, a lot of agents don’t do any follow-up, which is a tragedy on its own, some do it very well, and others are a little bit overbearing.

So, to make your life that little bit easier, I’ve come up with a simple question to ask buyers that come through your home opens.


“Do you mind if I contact you after the home open just to get some simple feedback for my seller and let them know what you think the property will sell for, it would mean a lot to them?”

When they reply in the affirmative, you will then ask them,

“How would you like me to get in touch with you, would you prefer me to email, text, or call you?”

Of course, what you are trying to do is get feedback for the seller so that you can educate them to get the price where it needs to be in order to get the property sold. You’re also using this opportunity to start building trust with the buyers by communicating with them on their own terms.

Once you’ve established lines of communication with the potential buyers, you can start giving them FREE information by asking if they would be interested in receiving alerts on similar properties in the area. Most importantly, you will want to ask them if they would be interested in becoming Private Exclusive Buyers, affording them the opportunity to be offered properties that have yet to hit the market.

Offering to contact buyers on their own terms through either email, text, or phone call can be a non-invasive and non-confronting way to build trust with buyers. Once you’ve established lines of communication and begun to build trust, the buyers will see value in your service and be more likely to do business with you moving forward.

For a lot of the agents I’ve worked with, working with their buyers in this type of fashion is their number one prospecting activity. They find that by doing the home open follow-ups properly and winning trust with potential buyers by staying in touch with them and servicing them, it brings in more business than any other prospecting activity.

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