Nicola Stacey, Property Partner, The Agency

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Real Estate Brilliance Life Member, Nicola Stacey joined 2016

“I’m here because of the support he gives, it’s not just coaching, it goes beyond that.” After a strong start to real estate, Nicola Stacey hit a rough patch. Joining Real Estate Brilliance helped her rebuild her confidence and career. Real Estate has come full circle for Nicola Stacey.

As a single mother looking for a way to support her two children she decided to take a chance in 1999 and take up a job in sales where she found her first mentor. “I worked for Ferguson Hartree Fox White and I landed on my feet,” she said. “The sales manager John Hartree was amazing, he looked after me, steered me in the right directions, gave me the right advice and within no time I was off and running. He wanted you to succeed and made sure you did; the only people who didn’t succeed under his charge were the ones that in his words ‘weren’t listening’.”

A change of agency saw a change in fortunes, with circumstances seeing her confidence and her commission fall over time. Following a general email from Ryan Thompson she found a new mentor to guide her through some difficult decision-making, including joining a new agency, and help rebuild her career.

“Ryan sent me one of those blanket emails when he started his business,” Nicola said.
“I’d known him for a long time, and we occasionally went head-to-head in Atwell, so I thought ‘why not go see what my competitor did’, and I liked what he offered in terms of the Agency Success System and coaching. “He helped me build myself back up, get my confidence back and grow my commissions until I was ready to move agencies. “Ryan never told me what to do, just said these are your options; having that support from someone that was impartial was so beneficial in that situation.”

As well as the training and support on offer, Nicola said one of the biggest reasons she is with Real Estate Brilliance is being able to “sit in a room with people that are better than me and learn from them”. “The top-sellers are quite happy to tell everyone what they’re doing and give advice,” she said. “People here are willing to share, you can ask them questions and you know they’re going to answer you; you know they’re not going to try and keep things hidden because they’re worried that you’re going to get better than them. “Normally everyone in this industry keeps everything so secret.” And it’s not just real estate advice that people are willing to share, members’ experiences can help in other ways. “For example, as a single parent selling real estate, I’ve learned what to do and what not to do and how to manage the diary when you’ve got kids at home and I’ve shared that with others in a similar situation,” Nicola said.

“It’s tough, when you’re Mum and Dad and you’re working all day and late at night and you’ve still got to come home and help with homework, cook dinner, do the ironing, clean the house – but there’s ways to structure things to make it easier all round.”