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In this ever-changing world we live in, there are always new ways to market to your target audience. Some are the more traditional ways while others are more contemporary. I have recently been reading the book Youtility, which is about smart marketing. In this book, Jay Baer talks about the 3 Types of Marketing. Using his principles, I’ve decided to show how these types of marketing can be used in real estate.

Top of Mind Awareness

This concept has been around for as long as people have been marketing themselves or their businesses. Simply put it is being thought of first when customers need a particular product or service.

A great example of top-of-mind marketing is Coke vs Pepsi. The constant competition between the two cola giants is often referred to as “the cola wars” with each company trying to one-up the other in their marketing. I know for me, Coke is the first brand to come to mind when I think of soft drink. Undoubtedly, Coke is one of the biggest brands in the world.

In real estate terms, to become top of mind is simply about being in front of your target audience literally every single day, providing it is done tastefully and in multiple mediums. Using mailbox drops, email, signboards, print advertising, bus stop and seat ads, radio, social media, and any other medium that is used or seen by your target market are considered to be top of mind marketing techniques.

The problem with top-of-mind awareness in real estate is that can be very expensive and often times hard to manage. If it’s not consistent and repetitive, then it has no value and can even work against you.

Frame of Mind

This form of marketing has been around since the creation of the phone book and has exploded since the advent of Google and internet searches. Essentially, frame-of-mind awareness operates under the premise of ‘when they’re ready, the potential customer will find you’. This means your online presence needs to be spot on and relevant or else you are going to be completely ignored and missed.

In real estate terms, this is a tough one.  Getting to the top of Google searches can be a costly endeavour. It takes time and you need to be extremely active and build an audience. The more you appear online, the better you will rank.

These days, clients will simply do a search for your name. In fact, 80% of clients, after they have met you or before they call you will have looked you up online. So, make sure to do a quick search yourself to ensure that the results are what you want them to be.

Friend-of-Mine Awareness

This type of awareness basically comes down to who you know, and who knows you. Something we definitely have control over.

You’ve heard the saying, ‘Success doesn’t come down to who you know, but how many people you know’, well that is exactly spot on. If people know, like, and trust you, they will use your product or services.

In real estate, we have two ways to build contacts that know, like, and trust us. Firstly, we get to know everyone in our area and begin servicing them first without asking for something in return. Then it’s as simple as staying in touch with them and keeping them informed as to what’s going on in their area or getting them and their kids involved in free community events. We call this the give-to-get investment. Building rapport with people and being there when they need our services more like a friend in real estate. The more friends you can acquire and get to know in your area and on your database, the easier and more fun your job will be.

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