The Grass is Always Greener

As someone who’s worked in the real estate industry, I’m sure you’ve heard many members of the public comment that it’s “easy money”, “how hard can it be to sell real estate”, “it practically sells itself”.

If you’ve worked in sales you know that isn’t true.

But, as a salesperson, did you ever look at the business owner and say to yourself “how hard can it be to run a business”, “after all it’s the salespeople that are bringing in all the money/doing all the work”.

And did you, like me, think that after a successful career in sales the next step in your career was to own a business? And did you suddenly find out it wasn’t as easy as you expected? Working with a PA or two is nothing like running a team of 20 staff!

Being good at sales doesn’t mean you’ll be a good manager – that takes a completely different set of skills. The scary thing is that while many top salespeople aspire to owning a business, most do not have the patience or skills to manage and when they finally realise that, they’re up to their neck in problems and asking “what have I got myself into? This is not what I wanted”. It can then become a difficult and very expensive situation to get out of and, in a lot of cases, ends up closing the business or ending a career. Who wants that?

Now maybe you’re at this stage, you’re a salesperson who has just taken over a business and are wondering how on earth you are going to make it all work. Or maybe you’ve owned your business for a while but haven’t quite achieved the success you hoped for. What’s next?

Well, it’s simple, you can learn to be a good manager, just like you learned how to be a good salesperson. It’s all about training. You can learn about the systems and procedures you need to have a business running smoothly and successfully. You can pick up the skills you need to run a team, hire and fire staff and manage their roles.

And the good news is you don’t have to do all this work yourself. At Real Estate Brilliance, I have put together a comprehensive program to help you with the A-Z of running a business. Come along to my upcoming FREE half-day Real Estate Brilliance webinar and I can show you that the grass really can be greener on the other side.

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