November 2020

HOT OFF THE PRESS, property prices are officially on the move, with Australia reporting a rise of nearly 3.9% growth last month. In fact, every state and territory is showing positive growth except Melbourne who reported a measly -0.1% ?.

So, the stimulus is working and it’s working well. Over 400,000 residents have returned home snapping up most of the rentals and a lot of the listings. It’s an absolute feeding frenzy out there at the moment and nobody is complaining, but on a serious note IT HAS NEVER BEEN A BETTER TIME TO BE A REAL ESTATE AGENT!!

Who knows how long this can go on for, and who knows, we could have impending doom heading our way? But WHO CARES! Just make hay while the sun is shining, strike when the iron is hot, and whatever you do, make sure you get your share.

Door knock with offers, over quote (slightly) at appraisals, over promise, and bloody over deliver, because I have only seen this once in my 20-year career and you may not see it again so just GET THE HELL OUT THERE AND MAKE SOME MONEY. You can rest later….

Here’s to your success,

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