Issue 1 Volume 1: Taking Charge of your life; No more excuses! No more blame!

Taking Charge of your life; No more excuses! No more blame!

Take a moment, sit back, close your eyes and picture your life if every aspect of your life was perfect. Where would you be living? What car would you be driving? Where would your next holiday be? What is your weight? Where would you be working? If you are self-employed what does your company look like? How many employees do you have? What sort of turnover are you generating?

Now ask yourself why don’t you have all these things already? What’s been holding you back? You will find the first things that come to mind will be your favorite excuses.  I don’t have my dream home because the property market has been flat and I don’t feel selling my current property will give me the return I had hoped for. I can’t lose weight because I just don’t have time to exercise and cook healthy food. We haven’t met our revenue targets because sales are slow due to the down turn in the economy. These are just a few examples and I am sure we can all add many more to the above list.

You are where you are today because of the choices you have made.

If you are not happy it is up to you to make better choices, you are responsibly for everything that happens to you. You made all the choices and decisions that got you to where you are today. Here is the truth, this is your life nobody is coming to the rescue, and nobody is coming along to save you. If you don’t have plans of your own you have to follow the plans of others. The question then is, ‘what kind of plans do you think others have for you?’ The answer is none!


Excuse making is a habit, and a bad habit at that! From a very early age we start making excuses, excuses for not doing our homework, excuses for fighting with our siblings, excuses for not making the soccer team.  This habit unfortunately continues to grow with us as we getting older and before we know it, we are making excuses for everything that goes wrong in our life.

Ultimately blaming someone for things that don’t go our way is simply not taking responsibility. If we look at the word ‘responsibility’ it can be read as, ‘YOUR ABILITY TO RESPOND’. No matter what happens in life you are free to choose how you respond.

If you do not take responsibility and depended on others, you lose all sense of control. To lose control, is to lose your pride, to lose your self-esteem, to lose your self-respect. Only self-reliant, self-responsible people are truly happy. When you give up your freedom you give up your control.

Responsibility is not optional it’s mandatory. NO ONE ELSE CARES AND NO ONE ELSE WILL DO IT FOR YOU!

Look, don’t misunderstand me. I am not saying, not making excuses and not blaming others will mean that you will automatically be living in your dream home or driving your dream car.  However by taking responsibility you will always be moving towards your goals and you may even surprise yourself at how fast you achieve your goals!

A responsible person is goal orientated, self-directed, and in charge of their life, and as a result they are always positive and happy!

Action Commitment for this week:

No more excuses, either do it or don’t do it but no more excuses and no more blame! Commit to a 21 day no excuses, no blame diet!

Source: Brian Tracy Perform At Your Best Module 5 / 21

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