December 2023 Real Estate Market Update

Welcome back! We hope this video finds you refreshed and rejuvenated after the festive season. As we bid farewell to the holiday cheer and step into the promising beginnings of a new year, we’re excited to reconnect with you and kickstart our journey together.

For a more in-depth look at how the real estate market performed in your area, watch the video below and explore the key trends shaping the property landscape.

Australian Real Estate Overview

The Australian real estate market had quite the growth spurt in 2023, with home values shooting up by a solid 8.1% over the year. Despite facing challenges like low listings and limited stock availability, many regions are still seeing positive growth vibes, which could nudge potential sellers to dip their toes into the market, potentially boosting stock levels.

Looking ahead to 2024, the direction of interest rates will be a big player in shaping housing trends. While there’s a chance of another cash rate hike, factors like lower inflation and softer economic conditions might put the brakes on, possibly leading to a bounce-back in housing values later in the year.

New Zealand Real Estate Overview

Meanwhile, over in New Zealand, the real estate market is on a slow but steady rebound. Cities like Auckland, Hamilton, Taringa, Wellington, and Christchurch all saw their house prices creep up monthly, signaling a promising shift in market dynamics. Despite facing hurdles like high mortgage rates and strict credit conditions, the trend of rising property values hints at a bright future for the Kiwi real estate scene.

In a nutshell, the real estate markets of Australia and New Zealand offer a dynamic playground with a mix of trends and opportunities. By staying in the loop with market updates and embracing smart strategies, everyone involved can tap into the long-term potential these vibrant markets have to offer.

As always, here’s to your success in 2024.



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