Best Practices for Communicating with Clients

To Text, or Not to Text?

Texting is a big way of communicating these days, so the big question is ‘to text or not to text?’.

I subscribe to the rule that text messaging should only be used for confirmation and appreciation, not for communication. I’ll repeat that again, text messaging is for confirmation and appreciation, not for communication.

What does that mean?

It simply means that text messages can be used for thanking people in any situation such as:

  • Thanking them for preparing the home open so beautifully,
  • thanking them for meeting with you,
  • thanking them for the business,
  • thanking them for literally anything.

It also means text messages can be used for confirmation, such as:

  • confirming a viewing with a buyer,
  • confirming a home open time,
  • confirming an appointment,
  • or again, confirming literally anything

It’s perfectly acceptable to use a text message for these situations

As I mentioned above, text messaging should not be used for communication, not for vendor reporting, and especially not for feedback from the home open. All of that communication needs to be done verbally or agreed to be done via email.

The only time communication can be done via text message with clients is if they have requested it or initiated it. It is really important to communicate with people the way that they like to be communicated with. The client may want to deal with you during work hours or at times when they are unable to answer phone calls. When this is stipulated, then absolutely you can use text message to communicate with people.

In particular, if a buyer has texted you asking a question, it’s important to remember to only answer once or twice, eventually, you will need to pick up the phone and call them.

Remember, text messaging should only be used for appreciation and confirmation, not for communication. For more systems and strategies, make sure you register for my upcoming Real Estate Brilliance seminar.

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