I always ask my clients “when do you go looking for a heart surgeon?”. And, of course, the answer is when you have a heart attack.

The same goes for real estate – “when do you go looking for a real estate agent?”. When you need to sell.

You want to be the agent people choose when they are ready to sell but homeowners can decide to sell at any time, so how do you reach the ones that are needing to sell at just the right time? It seems like an impossible task to get yourself in front of them at exactly the moment they are ready to sell. The answer is simple, you target all owners all the time.

The big question is how do I do this?

How can I get myself in front of every homeowner literally every week?

The answer?

Letterbox drops! They might seem very old-fashioned these days, with technology being the go-to marketing strategy for a lot of agents, but letterbox drop are still one of the best ways to get noticed, get in front of people without being there in person, and get chosen when people are “having that heart attack”.


Letterbox drops can annoy a lot of people – we’ve all seen the standard ‘free appraisal certificate’ and put it in the recycling bin. However, there is a science to letterbox drops and if you follow the rules to a T and be consistent with it, this strategy can be a huge benefit in building relationships with people in your area you haven’t even met yet and nurturing those that you have and build more rapport with them.

Think about it, most people go to the letterbox and pull out the mail, check through it and then perhaps chuck it away. But some people bring it into the home and dissect it piece by piece. Therefore, your letterbox drop will get quite good airtime. And some people look forward to getting something, anything in the mail, particularly if it is not a bill.

Now if you are able to pick a day that your drop is the only one in the letterbox, you will have people’s 100 per cent attention.

Then you could include a voucher with each drop, giving it value and invoking the law of reciprocity, or at least it could become something of value that they will hold onto and possibly use later, which is even better as now your drop has an extended shelf life.

Make it work for you

So why do most agents say letterbox drops do not work? They don’t know the science; they are not consistent enough or the quality is all over the place.

It is really important to learn the SYSTEM for successful letterbox drops.

Another reason why they don’t work is they never get out there – they don’t make it to the letterbox. So, if you are going to adopt letterbox dropping as part of your multi-layered prospecting system, you should consider creating your own letterbox drop NETWORK.

A letterbox drop network is a way of you being in complete control of your letterbox drops. You can monitor the frequency; on what day they go out and that they go out on their own. This is easier to do than you think, but of course there is a system to it. And the system tells you who to hire, how to interview and pay them, how to manage them and also monitor who is actually doing them and what results you are getting from the drops.

One of the great things about being a high performing agent is that it takes time and effort to figure these things out and even more focus and determination to follow through with them and be consistent with them. Most people just won’t bother or will try things once and give up if results aren’t immediately forthcoming. And that’s why only 2 per cent of agents make about 80 per cent of the money – they make the effort to learn how to do things, put a system in place and then stick to it until it starts to work. They keep on succeeding while other agents come and go.

At Real Estate Brilliance, we can show you the science and system behind letterbox drops and many other marketing tools that will put you on the path to success. Register for my upcoming FREE half-day Real Estate Brilliance webinar by clicking the button below to learn more.

For more information, or to find out how Real Estate Brilliance can help you implement systems and strategies to take your business to the next level, click the button below to discover information on our upcoming webinar.

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