Auction Services

Auction Services WA is an independent auction house which aims to help more people successfully sell their property through the auction process. Real estate Auctions have become one of the most popular methods of buying and selling property in Australia, with substantial advantages for both the buyer and seller. Auction is not limited to elite properties, it has been proven to suit any type of property.

Through competitive bidding, Auction has been shown to be the best method of establishing the highest the market is prepared to pay for a property.

Macri Partners

Macri Partners, a Certified Practising Accounting Firm provides all facets of accounting, taxation and audit services. Macri Partners had its origins in 1969 and in 2006the practice became a family owned and run business with 3 Partners and over 20 professional and support staff. Macri Partners provides services in all areas including; Preparation of Tax Returns, Book Keeping, Advice to small and medium business as well as large companies, advice on property transactions and Real Estate Trust account Audits.

BAFC Settlements

BAFC Settlements is an independent Settlement Agency owned by Anna Meiklejohn. Our settlement process is streamlined – saving clients time, money, and stress. We have a team of trusted conveyancers on board who will guide the client through the settlement process with care and meticulous attention to detail.

BAFC will: Protect you interests, be your advocate, keep you informed, help you understand your rights & responsibilities.

We offer a FREE OF CHARGE mobile service and with our teamwork and experience, BAFC Settlements look forward to being part of your journey.


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ActivePipe is the leading email marketing platform for real estate professionals. Effortlessly automate tailored email to stay in touch with every contact, and unlock the opportunities in your database.

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As Australia’s most trusted real estate supplier, Printforce, is proud of its long history of servicing real estate agents throughout the country.

When it comes to Corporate Design, Printing and Marketing Innovation, there is no other name more endorsed by Real Estate offices than Printforce. With our reputation of quality and reliability, Printforce has the resources and product range to complement agents in every way, whilst always upholding the integrity of their corporate identity.

With local production facilities in most major capitals and a dedicated Account Management team, Printforce is always ready to service your needs.

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Finance Corp

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