Clare Seamer, Director, Harcourts Mandurah

Real Estate Agent Case Studies in Perth

Real Estate Brilliance Life member, Clare Seamer joined 2018

“What do I do here? What’s the best way to manage my business?” Finding herself with two good assistants, Clare Seamer engaged a coach to help her restructure her team. Clare Seamer hit the ground running when she moved from property management to sales in 2004.

“I had the attitude I was going to make it work,” she said.
“I remember the manager said if you get two listings and two sales a month you’ll earn $60,000 a year, my attitude was well if I can do two, I can do four.
“In my first year I think I did $340,000 gross, I just loved it.” Clare went from strength to strength, so having built and maintained a very successful career, why would she seek the advice of a trainer and coach? She said change in her business prompted the need to restructure her team.

“I’d had a PA for 13 years, but she went on maternity leave,” Clare said. “I employed someone else in that time, and she was great, but when Alyce was ready to return, I didn’t know what to do. “I’d known Ryan for years, I knew he’d worked with teams when he was in sales, so I gave him a call.” Clare decided to retain both team members, one working as a buyer’s agent and the other as a PA. “I organized for Ryan to come down and coach us, set us up and give us a bit of organization, structure and systems,” she said.

If you’re aiming to be a million dollar agent, but also want to have time to stop and smell the roses, Clare said employing a PA or buyer’s agent was necessary, but it needed to be set up well. “If you get the right people, it works and will give you more time and a better life,” she said. “But the key is getting the right person and setting it up properly so that there are dedicated systems and roles and everybody knows who is supposed to be doing what – that’s where Ryan can help, he’s got a great system.”

Clare also recommends Ryan’s training program – The Agent Success System, particularly for people who are new to the industry. “It gives you a five-year head start,” she said.

“It’s brilliant, with everything there to set you up properly.”