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The time has come for U to make more money than you ever thought possible, however, U cannot do it on your own. It’s time to build a team around U.  This FREE webinar will show you how.

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Feeling like there isn’t enough time in the day? You’ve got calls to make, a mountain of paperwork, a buyer wanting to chat, a pre-settlement inspection that you’re already running late for, a Facebook page to update, and you still must find new listings.

It’s time to face the facts – you just can’t do it all – It’s time to get help but you might not know how to go about it.

At our BRAND NEW Team YOU Inc. webinar, you’ll discover WHO is the right PA to hire, WHEN to hire them, HOW to find them, and EXACTLY what they should be doing, making growing your team a seamless process.

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Here’s what you’ll discover at the FREE half-day webinar

How a support team can help you earn more money than you ever imagined
Where to find the best support staff quickly, easily, and affordably
How to remunerate your support staff to keep them inspired and motivated
How to choose the right support person for you and your business
How to leverage your team to continue operating at full capacity while you have time off
Check lists, flow charts, agendas, templates, scripts & dialogues for all your staff
Best practices on managing support staff and ensuring they know exactly what to do
5 Tried And Tested Ways To Stand Out From The 100s Of Competing Agents In Your Area
The correct order in which to hire staff to ensure you grow efficiently and quickly
Accountability systems to ensure your team are completing the right tasks at the right time
The key to achieving your goals and retiring early
How to create a suitable job description for every role in your business

Build a TEAM & take advatage of the BOOM!

Over the past 25+ years, I’ve helped thousands of agents and their teams attract, nurture, process, and manage their workflows, with some going on to write 2-3 million in GCI.

During that time, I created the OCTOPUS STRATEGY which allows businesses to grow to any level they choose. The truth is, there is no limit to what you can achieve in real estate other than the limits you place on yourself and your team.

In the past year, the market in Australia and New Zealand has exploded, making this the best time there has ever been to be a real estate agent.

With many Owners and Principals reducing their number of selling agents due to the mandatory pay awards, we’ve seen the decline of the part-time or semi-retired agents who used to take up a serious section of market share. This is causing the biggest compression on VOLUME of agents that we have ever seen. IS YOUR BUSINESS EQUIPPED TO TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF THIS BOOM?

My latest webinar, Team YOU Inc. has been designed to help you build a team around yourself and take full advantage of this boom. If you already have a team, you’ll discover how to structure your team and ensure they are working to their maximum efficiency and potential.

Ryan Has Worked With Many Agents To Help Them Become SUPERSTARS

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Hear how building a team helped both Tini, Matt, and Paul achieve their goals
Tini Mincher

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Matt Seabrook

Since delivering the first Real Estate Brilliance program back in September 2014…

Over 2,000 Real Estate Agents Are Achieving Real Results Following Ryan’s Success Strategies

YOU are WHERE you are, HAVE what you have, and are EARNING what you are earning because that is what YOU have CHOSEN. It's not because of your parents or upbringing, the company you work for, your boss, your competitors or the state of the market. You are in full control of your income and happiness in life and only you can change things. Make the choice!

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