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Finding it tough to win listings? Stop walking away from the table without the business and discover the step-by-step process that can ensure you win 80% or more of your opportunities at this FREE 2-hour webinar on May 11.

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Start Winning More Business!

Every time you step through a seller’s door, you’re entering a job interview. The harsh reality is, if you cannot build trust, close, and win the business, you’re not going to make it in real estate. Having a strong pre-listing system and presentation strategy are keys to winning 80% or more of the business. If you find yourself struggling with:
Feeling uncomfortable asking for the business and being able to hold your nerve
Lacking the experience, knowledge, skill, scripts, and dialogue to convert and close listings
Building rapport quickly with sellers that you have just met
Being asked questions you don’t have the answers for
No system or structure for your presentation and listing process
Distinguishing the motivation, circumstances, or personality type of the seller
Your confidence levels and your ability to compete against the dominant agent in your area

Then this FREE webinar is perfecvt for YOU. At the end of the 2-hours, you will have:

A complete guide of the presentation process from pre-listing rapport building, presenting, and closing to win 80% of the business
The tools to overcome your fears and be able to think on your feet and answer any question thrown your way
The confidence, regardless of your experience, to compete with the dominant agents in your area
A clear checklist and agenda for every presentation you book
An understanding of every objection you’re likely to face and how to overcome them
Tried and tested methods to overcome fee droppers and agents that overprice properties
A multitude of systems, strategies, tools, scripts, and dialogues that you can instantly implement into your business to start winning 80% or more of the business you compete for

Want to increase your listing to sale conversion rate like Andy?

Andy entered real estate with zero experience in one of the most competitive suburbs in Perth, East Fremantle. After joining Real Estate Brilliance, he quickly implemented Ryan’s systems and strategies for presenting and closing. Ryan now works with the entire office and has helped guide them to becoming the No.1 medium sized office in Western Australia with one of the best listing-to-sale conversion ratios.

Andy McIntyre – Mint East Fremantle

How about using listing & closing strategies to double your GCI?

Andrew and Eloise work out of a small holiday town with lots of competition where the market had blown out and realised they needed some help. After working with Ryan for 6-months, specifically on their listing and closing strategies, they doubled their GCI and are now the No1. agents in their town writing over $2million in GCI. They are still clients of Ryan 6 years later and are valued members of the Real Estate Brilliance family.

Team Jennings Hopkins – JHY Dunsborough

Meet Ryan Thompson

Ryan Thompson is the Director and Founder of Real estate Brilliance. He is a multi-award winning real estate agent, principal, auctioneer, and coach. Having been in the trenches and experienced the highs and lows of this industry before reaching his goals, Ryan found his true passion was helping other agents do the same.

Ryan has written and created many programs including The Enrich Mentoring program, The Agent Success System, Team U Inc, and Business Management for Real Estate Agents. All designed to give real estate professionals a system to reach their full potential and live extraordinary lives. for the last 7-years, Ryan has helped thousands of agents achieve outstanding success.

Now, Ryan has created a new webinar called 28 Ways to Win 80% of the Business. This webinar will give attendees an easy step-by-step guide to winning more market share and ultimately blow their competition our of the water.

Ryan Has Worked With Many Agents To Help Them Become SUPERSTARS

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Join the over 2,000 Agents & Principals who are achieving REAL results since having followed Ryan's successful strategies

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This webinar was recorded LIVE on May 11, 2022. You can view a recording of it by completing the form.

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