Surviving A Crash

Simple strategies to get sellers to meet the market and buyers to commit

Now that the market has shifted, have you reacted? Discover simple systems and strategies to get deals done and continue making BOOM money with this FREE 2-hour webinar recorded LIVE on September 14.

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View the recording of the webinar which was recorded on September 14, 2022.
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Start Doing More Deals!

A market downturn brings with it plenty of challenges. Are you currently experiencing any of the following:
Frustration over properties not selling and other agents getting in the seller’s ear
Sellers ignoring good early offers only to find that later offers are much lower
Heavy workloads with properties sticking and you have to open them every weekend
Sellers becoming disgruntled because you haven’t sold quick enough and they blame you
Buyers taking advantage of the situation because they are spoiled for choice
Financial stress due to you not selling enough homes
Bosses not being happy as you are no longer hitting your KPI’s

If YES, then this FREE 2-hour webinar is perfect for YOU.
You will learn how to:

Carve through stock having using systems to identify those who will meet the market vs those who are just testing the market
Use the law of reciprocity to win quick rapport with both buyers and sellers to make them know, like, and TRUST you
Create the perception of a competitive environment by using multiple sales strategies and fantastic scripts and dialogue
Fast-track sellers to SOLD using the Rules of Engagement Meeting and Questionnaire, 14-day Change Up Policy, and Feedback Loop
Get sellers and buyers to have skin in the game, helping them commit without even knowing they are doing it
A multitude of systems, strategies, tools, scripts, and dialogues that will help you to win more listings and sell quickly
Attract more listings than you ever thought possible through locals seeing SOLD & UNDER OFFER over all your signs

Want to take advantage of different selling strategies to create competitive environments and get the best possible price for your clients like Andy?

Working in the very competitive and highly sought-after area of East Fremantle WA, it has always been a struggle to stand out from the other local agents. However, I now have a 90% or better appraisal-to-list ratio and list-to-sell ratio using Ryan’s strategies.

Thank you, Ryan and Real Estate Brilliance, for helping me transform my business. We have consistently placed in the REIWA.COM awards in the top 10 small agencies of WA by value sold over the past 12 months. The down-to-earth, hands-on approach to helping myself and my reps has certainly paid dividends.

Andy McIntyre – Mint East Fremantle

How about growing your business and being prepared for any type of market?

Downturns are never easy, however, having a clear and concise plan of attack to adjust and react is priceless. This is what happened when I had more stock than I had enquiries. Ryan put me on a path to clear the decks, have critical conversations, and separate the wheat from the chaff. I went from 80 odd listings to just over 40 and started spending 80% of my time with people and properties that were bringing in 80% of my income.

Since then, I have continued to use Ryan’s and the Real Estate Brilliance systems and strategies and have memorised the workbook, earning me the nickname The REB Kid. Thanks Ryan, you have changed not only my business but my life.

Kylie Owen – LJ Hooker Kalgoorlie

Meet Ryan Thompson

Having spent the early part of his career in real estate learning from others who came before him, reading whatever he could get his hands on, and attending as many seminars as he could, Ryan was prepared when the GFC of 2008 hit.

By implementing simple systems and processes into his business, Ryan was able to apply years of knowledge into skill and take advantage of the conditions to tear through as much stock as he could. This resulted in some of the best years Ryan experienced while many others were left to struggle.

Using everything he learned during his career as an award-winning agent, principal, sales manager, auctioneer, and coach, Ryan now wants to help others find the same solutions he did. Every program, seminar, and webinar Ryan has ever created has been designed to prepare agents for any kind of market condition.

After two years of riding the wave of a BOOM, things are slowing down and to help, Ryan has created his latest program, Surviving a Crash. This webinar is guaranteed to help agents continue to transact and have low days on market no matter what!

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Ryan Has Worked With Many Agents To Help Them Become SUPERSTARS

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Join the over 2,000 Agents & Principals who are achieving REAL results since having followed Ryan's successful strategies

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View the recording of the webinar which was recorded on September 14, 2022.
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