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This Is NOT the Time to Hibernate
AdminCOVID-19Real Estate
OK, let’s assume the worst has happened. The coronavirus has sent the industry into a full shutdown, you can’t go out and list homes, you can’t open homes, you certainly…
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It’s Business As Usual – Almost
COVID-19Home OpensReal Estate
The fact is people are always going to need to buy and sell real estate. You currently have clients on your books who are trying to sell and, until told…
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Uploading a Database
Real EstateSocial Marketing
Social Media is something you cannot afford to go without if you are a Real Estate agent. Facebook is the easiest way for you to create and market to your…
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Deadlines & Decision Days
Real EstateSystems
It has now been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that us humans respond better when we have a deadline or a decision day. It’s like a phone bill,…
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Can’t Sell Property
Can’t Sell because the Property is Worth Less than is Owed
AdaptingTake Control
The last 10 years have been tough for the property market. The Global Financial Crisis changed everything and it’s simply not that easy to make money any more in property.…
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Thank You Gifts; Who, When, What
There is a mixed opinion on thank you gifts for both buyer and sellers. Some agents only do seller gifts, while other agents do neither. In my opinion there is…
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