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Sales Meeting
Pimp My Meeting
Sales MeetingsTeam Meetings
When I was selling as a rep in an agency, I found sales meetings a pain in the backside. I guess it was because I was always busy and had…
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Presenting to clients
Presenting to clients
COVID Recovery SeriesCOVID-19Presenting
With the market having slowed down significantly since the range of coronavirus restrictions were imposed, agents are desperately competing for the few listings that become available. You want to be…
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A Box of Chocolates
Days on MarketPrincipalsVendor Management
“My mother always said life was like a box of chocolates…. you never know what you’re gonna get”. That classic quote from Forrest Gump can be applied to real estate:…
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The buck stops where?
It’s my belief that 50 per cent of our business gets lost at the first call, whether it’s the receptionist or the agent picking up the phone. That’s right, half…
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Call me, call me any time
Lead GenerationPrincipalsProspectingSystems
Have you ever stopped to look at how your agency gets business? Do you get regular calls or are they occasional? Do you know where the calls come from, for…
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If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail
PrincipalsReal EstateSystems
Benjamin Franklin reportedly made that comment hundreds of years ago and it still applies today. If you have a goal or desire, whether it is personal like running a marathon,…
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